The Best San Marcos TX Zoos To Visit

Are you looking for a family-friendly place to visit while in San Marcos TX? Here are some of the top San Marcos TX Zoos to visit whenever you are in the area.

1. Austin Zoo

You can find the Austin Zoo at 10808 Rawhide Trl. Here, you will find various rescued and surrendered animals. Currently, the zoo has over 100 different species of animals with the total count coming to over 340 animals. When you visit the zoo, you can see farm animals, tigers, bears, lions, exotic deer and many more. The Austin Zoo was established in 1994 and today it is a private and nonprofit establishment.

2. San Antonio Zoo

With various plant and animal collections, the zoo fosters appreciation and concern for all living things. It provides a diverse educational experience and the best recreational memories for all visitors, whether young or old. The San Antonio Zoo was established in 1914 and you can find various animal species such as monkeys, deer, elk, lions, bears and many more.

3. Animal World And Snake Farm

It’s a renowned zoo with a huge collection or reptiles, house mammals, white lions, lemurs and other animal species. The Animal World and Snake Farm was established in 1967. Currently, the zoo has at least 500 species of animals and is a must see attraction for anyone in Texas.

4. The Austin Nature And Science Center

Welcome to the best nature exhibits, summer camps, trade counters, workshops and hiking opportunities in Texas. It was established in 1960 and the center provides numerous education programs and recreation activities for many teachers, visitors and many other people passing through it. The Austin Nature and Science Center is the best place to appreciate the natural environment and learn more about what nature has to offer.

How To Prepare For A Trip To The Zoo

If you are bringing your children to a trip at the zoo, here are some tips to help you prepare for it.

a) Read up on the zoo before getting there and learn the various animal species available.

b) Don’t forget to bring hats, sunscreen and sunglasses. Remember, most of these zoos are in an open area and you need to protect your kids as well as yourself from the scorching sun.

c) Bring a few snacks and drinks but find out beforehand if the zoo allows you to bring them.

Visit these and many more zoos in San Marcos, Texas for the most memorable experience.